Agreement Has Been Concluded in English

Closing, ending, closing, finishing, completing, completing means bringing or reaching a breakpoint or limit. Closing usually implies that something was both open and unfinished in one way or another. Close An end of debate conveys a strong sense of purpose. ends his life, may mean a formal conclusion (of a meeting). Ministry that is completed with a beneficial degree may focus on completing a final step in a process. After being painted, the house will be ready, which implies the elimination of all defects or a successful realization of what has been done. The solution to the latter problem completes the termination of the contract involves the establishment of a temporal or spatial limit. Their employment relationship ends after three months of conclusion [with object] Formally and definitively settled or arranged (an agreement) „an attempt to conclude a ceasefire“ „Negotiations on the conclusion of a new agreement have failed“. However, OXFORD Dictionary IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said the talks would further conclude the details and clarify that no agreement had yet been reached. David Somers, Executive Chairman of Rangers, said: „This agreement was reached to demonstrate the importance both parties attach to our relationship.

No agreement has yet been reached on access to Senate libraries by NCH students, but there are financial conditions to pay the access fee for ULIP students, and this would apply to NCH students enrolled at a University of London prize. Strictly speaking, if you are informed of the event (i.e. the meeting of the agreement) after it has occurred, there should have been a verb in the past tense to create a correct sentence (for example, the contract was concluded). But the quoted wording (without a verb) would be the normal form at the end of the agreement itself, especially directly above the signatures of the parties to the agreement: here the present is applicable because they actually conclude the agreement by adding their signatures. Alexander told MPs in a House of Commons statement that negotiations on the respective pension plan heads had been concluded with a commitment by „most unions to suspend any further industrial action,“ while the final details had been clarified and the unions consulted with their members. Completion (FINISH): to enter into a formal agreement or assignment or arrange a Cambridge Dictionary agreement More than half of these agreements were concluded before 2013. drift, drift, close, judge, gather means to reach a mental conclusion. Inference implies that a conclusion is reached by arguing on the basis of evidence; If the proofs are small, the term is closer to conjecture. From this remark, I concluded that they knew each other and that they often drew the particular implication of drawing a certain conclusion from a generalization. The fact that we can derive something important from human mortality implies that at the end of a chain of reasoning we come to a necessary conclusion. concluded that only the defendant could be guilty, the judge insisted on the weighting of the evidence on which a conclusion is based. Judging people by their actions suggests an intuitive formation of a conclusion from the implications.

Collected their desire to be alone without a word As you will see in the excerpts above, a meaning of closure, agreement or any other multi-party agreement is to conclude/supplement/accept/regulate. So the basic answer to your question is „yes“, „contract concluded“ means that it has been agreed. Ecclestone said it was „happy“ that the new agreement had been finalized. It is understandable in some respects that few such agreements have been concluded; During a boom, producing countries are not inclined to close them, and during a depression, consuming countries have little incentive to join them. When the contract has been terminated, it may have expired (e.B. on a predefined date) or may have been terminated (e.B. by one or both parties according to the criteria set out in the agreement). In the meantime, no EU investment agreement has been concluded, but time is running out. P.S. As stated above, you could have easily found the answer to your question by searching through a dictionary! Middle English, from Latin to close, close, end, derive, from com- + claudere to shut — more at the entrance near 1. .