Documents Needed for Reinstatement

If you do not owe any fees or have paid your reinstatement fee online, all remaining compliance elements must be submitted by mail, fax or email. All documents submitted by email must be in PDF format. To properly identify your driver record, include your full name, date of birth and driver`s license number on each document submitted, and attach a copy of your blocking notice if available. Please allow 21 business days for processing. To get an exemption from the court or to establish a payment plan for fines/fees, you need to contact the court. View your reinstatement requests, citation information and judicial contact information online in e-Services. Restricted licenses will no longer be available after the expiration of your mandatory withdrawal period. For more information on a restricted licence, see: drivers convicted of multiple offences have separate suspensions, revocations, reinstatement applications and reinstatement fees for each offence. The following is a list of compliance documents that may be required for suspension or revocation and that are compliant for the purposes of reinstatement. Minors who have been suspended for not maintaining satisfactory academic progress or school attendance must submit for reinstatement one of the following documents: Provide full name, date of birth and driver`s license number with the documents sent. A driver convicted of driving during the suspension and offence before 1.

In January 2017, his driving privileges will be suspended. The driver may reinstate this suspension at any time by setting the requirements for reinstatement. The alert list of students approaching the reinstatement deadline helps DSOs monitor potential cases that are exempt from other SEVIS I-901 fees and are still eligible for reinstatement in the lower threshold of the first five-month period. The offender has 120 days from the date of notification to pay the fee to DDS. Failure to pay the fee within the allotted time will result in the suspension of the driver`s license and the offender will have to pay a reinstatement fee, select a reinstatement fee and payment options for more details. In case of revocation, one of the following options may be provided for reinstatement: If you have met all the requirements, you can pay your reinstatement fee online. To see options for paying reinstatement fees or filing compliance documents, expand the following sections. Log in to your e-Services account to view and submit the required compliance documents. Limited license? Yes, if the driver meets all reinstatement requirements, with the exception of SR-22 insurance. An employer can purchase SR-22 insurance on behalf of the driver and the driver can obtain a limited license for work purposes only.

For your convenience, there are several ways to deposit your compliance items and all reinstatement fees. Only the pages of the insurance card or police statement are required. As a rule, this is only one page. Please do not submit multiple additional pages or policy documents, as they are not required and will increase the time it takes to process your document. Learn how to pay your reinstatement fee and how to submit reintegration compliance documents to the Department. SEVIS provides two lists to help DSOs manage students who may need or have been recommended for reintegration. Drivers are asked to submit a variety of compliance documents depending on the reason for the suspension or revocation. The following list provides guidance on compliant documents for recovered documents. Drivers who have entered into a payment plan with the Ministry to reimburse the reinstatement fee and who subsequently default on the payment plan may have their driving rights suspended. Drivers who are in default with a payment plan for reinstatement fees are not entitled to enter into another payment plan until the stranded fees are fully met. See the announced rules for payment plans. In general, to be eligible for reinstatement, the student must: Not cancel a reinstatement request that has already been sent to USCIS.

Pending applications to USCIS must be formally withdrawn using USCIS procedures. Conditional compensation is granted to you while you make payments to the other party and pay them an amount. If, after the reinstatement of the rights arising from the revocation, you are in default with the conditional exemption, your driving rights may be revoked again. Once all the recovery requirements have been met and accepted, you can view the status of your license in the electronic services and reissue it after recovery, if it is eligible. This list contains the students for whom the DSO has requested reinstatement. however, their requests for reinstatement of rights have not yet been approved by usCIS. The list includes the following for each student: Click on a violation below for detailed information on suspension, revocation, and reinstatement requirements. DSOs need to be aware of the rules and policies that apply to reintegration in order to obtain legal immigration status. For more information about filing compliance documents, see Pay fees and submit documents. If proof of liability insurance in effect on the day of the offence is not received within 30 days of notification, or if there was no insurance at the time of the breach, driving privileges will be suspended until the recovery requirements are met. DSOs can only choose from three levels of education for M-1 students seeking reinstatement: Suspension period: Until the reinstatement requirements are met. Read the full reinstatement provisions to understand the specific eligibility criteria and what the student must provide to USCIS: This table gives a brief overview of three characteristics that can be used for students to regain active status in SEVIS.

The DSO must decide which option is best. This document focuses on the recovery process. Use hyperlinks to learn more about other processes. The process of reintegration into SEVIS is simple; but it may take some time for USCIS to decide. .