How to Put Bank Statement in a Sentence

13. Transfer of the balance of the statement of account to the cash balance. 9. The bank statement says I have fifty dollars in my account. 28. Please apologize for our sincere apologies for the error in your bank statement. 11. It`s not just about correcting my bank statement or phone bill. 22. She placed a sticky finger on the monthly balance sheet and then checked the figures against the handwritten bank statement.

27. Take out a blank sheet of paper and a copy of your last bank statement. 8. The checkbook stubs do not match my bank statement. 15. I did not receive this month`s bank statement. 10. Check your records with every bank statement you receive. 14. The cash balance on the statement of account generally does not correspond to the accounting records.

2. I haven`t received my bank statement in a month yet. 13M Tax auditors should be empowered to verify a man`s bank statement and credit card transactions. 25. The debit memorandum of 1 was not included in the statement. 6. On your bank statement, it will appear as $47,395. 17.

I need a bank statement to prove my annual income. 21. And remember: Keep records of your order so you can match it to your bank statement. 12. I want my bank statement to arrive earlier in the month. 20. Every month, we compare our checkbook with the bank statement. 26.

After each transaction, please keep all your card receipts, including the sales receipt and invoice, to match your bank statement. 30. The Business Secretary Combination Service must provide the communication address a: the collection account statement and other business letters (itself [composition dictionary] or the national mail). 16. His frown frowned as he read the bank statement. 18. To confirm this Agreement, we will attach a bank statement to you. 29. Your last proof of residential address, e.B.

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