Indigo Shire Enterprise Agreement

On Thursday, June 27, 2019, negotiations on a new corporate agreement continued. There is. On 4 December, ASU collective bargaining representatives met with the management of other companies. Read more The management of the city of Hobart has decided that the company`s negotiations are at an impasse and read more ASU has received council approval for a mass meeting of paid members. The purpose of the file. Read more We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with VicRoads and the Ministry of. Read more The NTV company agreement will be put to the vote on 23 and 24 September. This Agreement is for the sole purpose of this Agreement. Read more ASU is pleased to announce to its members that the corporate agreement we have negotiated with Vodafone. Read more Voting on the draft company agreement in the city of Hobart will begin on Tuesday, October 15.

Read More ASU held two General Assemblies this week to give an overview of the agreement in principle Read more ASU has entered into an agreement with VicRoads to ensure the maintenance of staff salaries. Instead of starting negotiations on a new company agreement, Glenorchy City Council brought in. Read more A new Enterprise Agreement (EA) will soon be negotiated by ASU delegates and the Council. As members know, bycf recently halted the voting process on a new company agreement. Read More After the conclusion of negotiations at the end of last year, your new business contract now has. Read More ASU has been informed that the vote on the Yarra Ranges Shire Council company agreement read more ASU has been informed that GenU is entering into negotiations on a new company agreement. Read more BCYF announced that with its proposed agreement, which does not. Read more With the upcoming negotiations on company agreements, this has never been such an important moment for. Read more ASU, with the support of HACSU, continued to negotiate a new company agreement.

Read more The vote on the Berry Street corporate deal is over and the deal has been successful. Read more The City of Melbourne has withdrawn the agreement in principle agreed by your ASU. Read more While we continue to negotiate your company agreement, job security has remained key. Read more Negotiations for your company agreement continue with the city`s third meeting. Please note the changes in the company`s meeting times and the location of negotiations. This. read more Voting on a draft agreement begins today. Your union recommends that employees vote NO.

. After scheduling a meeting last Thursday, management had still not prepared the draft contract Read More As part of the company agreement reached at the end of last year, Horsham Rural City Council. Read more, MEPs would know that the current company agreement needs to be renegotiated. . Read more The very first domestic violence goes into an enforceable employment contract somewhere in the. As members now know, negotiations for your new business contract now have. Read More Given that members overwhelmingly rejected the FCC`s initial proposal for a new company agreement, your. Read more The proposed rolling company (EA) agreement was signed last month with one. Read more The City of Whitehorse submits a draft corporate agreement for employee voting. Read more The company agreement negotiations were recently concluded – important dates to watch. Read more Negotiations to consolidate your Enterprise Agreement have begun.

The registered employee. Read more Zinfra Contracting`s ASU members voted for their first company agreement. Continue reading The Agreement Since the ASU met to discuss the proposed company agreement, your representatives have. Read more Vote for a new company agreement, which was concluded yesterday. An overwhelming number of employees sent Read More ASU and the management of Strathbogie Shire have signed their company agreement for. Read more Negotiations on a new company agreement at CEHL are progressing. Management has more. Read more Hobsons Bay City Council has put an offer on the table regarding your business. Read more Your union is working hard to represent you in these difficult times. Your company agreement read more ASU has been actively working on a new draft company agreement at. AsU had begun the process of negotiating its next company agreement in Glenelg. Read more The current operating agreement at YSAS Youth Advocacy and Support Services still has months to learn more The management of the Town of Casey has unilaterally submitted an agreement to employees for a vote.

None of the other ASU representatives attended a „bias-free“ meeting on company agreements on March 14. Ballarat City Council submits an agreement to members for a vote. .