Orr Cooperative Agreement

b) For organizations that enter into, provide or receive a subsidy from a care facility to provide housing services to UCs, the organization shall accept and comply with the provisions set out in this Part under the Contract or Cooperation Agreement. (a) If it enters into a contract with a care facility or provides a subsidy to a care facility, ORR shall include in any new contract, renewal, cooperation agreement or renewal of cooperation agreements the company`s obligation to adopt and comply with those standards. The majority of UACs are served by a network of ORR-licensed health care providers, most of whom are located near areas where immigration officers arrest large numbers of foreigners. The facilities of these providers are state-approved and must meet the requirements of the ORR to ensure a high level of quality of care. Service providers work within the framework of cooperation agreements and contracts. Since 2003, ORR has served nearly 409,585 UACs and found suitable sponsors. Unaccompanied foreign children have many interrelated reasons for making the difficult trip to the United States, which may include reintegrating into a family already in the United States, fleeing violent communities or abusive family relationships in their home country, or seeking work to support their family in their home country. Many UACs meet requirements that qualify them for legal redress in the United States. You may be eligible for: ORR helps unaccompanied foreign children access legal representation through the Lawful Access Project. Through the project, children receive presentations on their rights and individualized legal reviews. The project also builds pro bono legal representation capacity. The age of these people, their separation from their parents and relatives and the perilous journey they undertake make the UAC particularly vulnerable to trafficking, exploitation and abuse of persons. RRO Fact Sheet on Unaccompanied Children`s Services for Foreign Nationals (c) All new contracts, contract renewals and grants must include monitoring and evaluation provisions to ensure that the contractor, recipient or subparty complies with these conditions.

They also offer a continuum of care for children in an animal shelter, foster family or group home (which may be therapeutic), a safe or secure care facility for staff, an inpatient treatment centre, or a special needs care facility. .