U of M Flint Transfer Requirements

Step 1: Apply onlineSubmit your online application as soon as possible to secure your place. There is no charge and you should receive a response within two to four weeks of receiving your documents. To submit a paper application, download the printable version here. and return it to the Undergraduate Admissions Office with a $30 non-refundable deposit fee. Step 2: Submit Official TranscriptsWe allow students to submit unofficial transcripts as placeholders in their applications until the official transcripts arrive at our office. As soon as possible, ask all post-secondary schools you attended to submit your transcripts to the UM-Flint Undergraduate Admissions Office. High school transcripts are required for students who have completed less than 24 college credits. If necessary, submit Advancement Placement Results (AP) to earn course credit. Step 3: Submit all documentsUM-Flint offers a wide range of merit scholarships for transfer students. We strongly encourage all applicants to apply for merit scholarships, regardless of their academic or economic background.

To apply for a merit scholarship, submit the following documents with your application: The University of Michigan Flint accepts international applicants for bachelor`s and master`s programs. These candidates must meet the admission deadlines and meet the requirements of the institution`s admission data. Requirements include completing an application, paying the applicable application fee, uploading required documents, and proof of the financial value of attending the institution as a full-time student. Submit these documents to 1. == References admissions.flint@umich.edu ==== External links == We can accept scores and transcripts as officials in the following ways: Upon receipt of I-20, the applicant must apply for a student visa (F-1 visa) at the U.S. Embassy by meeting the Embassy`s requirements to submit a completed application form and file the fee. To obtain a student visa to study in the United States, face-to-face interviews and biometric data are mandatory, which must be planned and tracked by the applicant at the nearest embassy office. Our Undergraduate Admissions Office considers the academic achievement and achievements of students in all post-secondary schools attended. The university may also consider non-academic factors such as leadership skills, talent, behavior, and citizenship when making an admission decision. To be eligible for admission, transfer students must meet the following requirements: Step 4: Evaluate your creditsUse our simple online balance assessor to see which of your credits are transferred to UM-Flint. It`s a great tool to stay on track for completion on time.

If you choose to receive pass/fail grades for transcripts for your current semester, we will issue transfer credits for course completion. It is important for you to know that some high school admission programs at UM-Flint still require letter notes to admit you to their program. Step 5: Visit usOur tours are a little different right now, and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus! At the moment we have a number of ways in which you can visit us from the comfort of your own home. Join a webinar, attend an upcoming information session, or contact our admissions counselors who are ready to help you broadcast UM-Flint. Step 6: Apply for AccommodationApproved students can complete the housing application and sign their housing contract online. Ask? Contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office (810) 762-3300 or email admissions.flint@umich.edu. The University of Michigan-Flint is home to a thriving community of transfer students who come to our campus of colleges and community institutions from across the region and state. Whether you`ve taken courses at a community college or earned your associate degree, UM-Flint recognizes the work you`ve done and the experience you bring. We also have strong enrollment partnerships with many community colleges in the area. These partnerships simplify the transfer process, ease your transition to our campus, and allow you to earn a prestigious degree from the University of Michigan faster.

Learn more about our Michigan transfer agreement. You can find more information on the admission requirements for transfers on our transfer page. You have come so far in your educational journey. Finish what you started with a globally recognized and respected degree. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has made some temporary adjustments to help you in your transfer admission process: Transfer students must complete at least 45 credits at UM-Flint to complete a bachelor`s degree from our campus. If a transfer student moves to UM-Flint, then moves elsewhere, or takes a course as a guest student at another institution, they must complete the last 30 credits for their degree on the UM Flint campus. Students must also meet all the requirements for the degree they are looking for. International candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English through one of the internationally recognized standardized English exams. Applicants are also advised to review the course-specific requirements of the different departments before applying for admission. Where to apply: Online application or joint application or paper application Registration with a correct and permanent e-mail address is just as important as the iService login data and relevant information is only transmitted through the e-mails.

The University`s International Centre can be contacted for any questions regarding admission to the International.Flint@umich.edu or +1 (810) 762-0867. Jennifer Spenny Online Recruitment and Recruitment Site Coordinator517-483-9727 The University of Michigan-Flint is a public university located in Flint, Michigan. It was the first University of Michigan campus outside of Ann Arbor. The university offers a range of bachelor`s, master`s, doctoral and certificates. There are more than 45 academic departments housed in six main academic units. The university offers online, dual and master`s degree programs in various fields, some of which are art, art administration, business administration, accounting and finance, and other fields. My sister lives in the United States, so my mother also wanted me to live there for my higher education. To get admission, I had to submit a joint application form for which I had to pay $30 as an application fee. They even ask me to show my high school score of 8.5 GPA during the admission process, transferring to UM-Flint is easier than you think. Follow these admission steps to prepare to complete and submit your application. This particular program was not available at many universities and UM was the most popular of them.

Plus, it`s one of the best universities in the United States and the career opportunities here are simply amazing. The college application form was submitted via the online website, I had not paid a registration fee for the process. . I had decided to exchange my ISC. While preparing for my boards, I had developed a love for the company. My cousins, who live in the United States, suggested that I continue my studies in BBA. Through them, I got to know this college and the great career opportunities it offers, so I applied online by paying $80. In my ISC, I had reached an average of 95%.

Points to consider when applying to the University of Michigan-Flint are: Earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, or Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration without traveling far from home. These UM-Flint programs are offered at the University Center of Lansing. * Some or all major courses available only online While I went through colleges and universities with different combinations in the biology program, I pre-screened some of the colleges in the United States. I chose to study at the University of Michigan – Flint because it offered me a professional degree that will multiply my career prospects. I applied to the university by filling out an online form and sending it to the university`s admissions office. The University of Michigan-Flint offers more than 100 bachelor`s degree programs. The university mainly offers a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Music Education and a Bachelor of Applied Science. Students must complete a high school diploma with a minimum cumulative average of 2.7 for admission. Application Portal: Students apply online on the official website of the university or via iService. Registration fee: $30 (for offline applications only) The university had a total enrollment of 7,297 students, including 5,862 students and 1,435 graduates.

As of the fall of 2019, the university received 4,254 applications and had a moderately selective admission policy. The adoption rate at the University of Michigan at Flint was 66% in the fall of 2019. The acceptance rate for female candidates was 70 per cent, while the male acceptance rate was 60 per cent. Downtown Flint is a thriving community with unique energy and taste. It has a robust and vibrant cultural community and is considered an educational center in Mid-Michigan. The community is very proud of its strong history and reputation for attracting, cultivating and recognizing. My university has been recognized for its excellence and relevance. From international business to local public health issues, the UM-Flint Faculty develops curricula with industry experts to ensure students gain the experience and skills they need to succeed in the application submitted through iService.

The credentials will receive the credentials within 48 hours of registration to upload the documents. After obtaining 11,98 points in my class, I wanted to set my future graduate studies only in computer science. .