Voice over License Agreement

There will also be detailed information about the responsibilities of the voice actor to avoid sharing the work with others. And there will probably be information about the delivery of the work. Including a proposed timeline or timeline for completion. Licensee may not assign or sublicense this License without the prior written consent of VoxXpress Limited. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Licensee may, in the ordinary course of business, grant licensing or assignment rights to the Production synchronized with the Tracks. I hope you found this guide on voiceover license of voice over recording useful and wish you good luck in your projects. A few months ago, a SFWA member hired a voice actor to produce an audiobook, but couldn`t find contractual advice. The actor was a member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), but even the union did not have a standard contract for the situation. The SFWA Legal Fund provided a grant to the member to seek legal advice.

(Learn more about voiceover license pricing here) For example, suppose a customer buys the broadcast rights to use a voiceover in a local TV commercial and agrees that the spot will not be broadcast for more than 6 months. But after 6 months, they realize that the ad is doing really well and helps them find a lot of new business (woohoo!). What the buyer actually acquires is the rights to use the service or digital good. Gravy for the Brain defines the four most common factors in voiceover licensing as follows: This 2-minute video tutorial shows you, the tenants, how voiceover licenses work, the different elements that can be changed to affect the overall usage price, and why voiceover licenses exist in the industry. In the end, the voiceover is not so different from other types of commissioned work. Would a reputable contractor, such as a plumber or electrician, begin their work before reaching a final agreement on specifications and scope of work? In dubbing, no different from many other areas of work, it is better to put everything in writing. And this information isn`t just for voiceover professionals! It is important that customers are aware of intellectual property regulations before commissioning. Being up to date on existing laws and normative laws avoids these cumbersome scenarios „he said she said“. Subject to the limitations set forth in Clause 4, this License allows Licensee to use the VoiceOver Files as described in this License in production in accordance with the express terms of this License. In exchange for granting rights under this License, Licensee agrees to pay the License Fee to VoxXpress Limited in accordance with and under the terms set forth in the invoice accompanying this License.

An exclusivity agreement governs the type of jobs that voiceover talent can take on after working with the client. For example, a customer like Nike can`t allow a voice actor they`ve hired to work with a major competitor like Adidas. The customer will probably want to clarify this in advance by establishing exclusivity. These contractual voiceover agreements are usually quite short and precise. They don`t have to be multiple pages. In fact, many are a single page. Hello, my name is Hugh Edwards and I am the CEO of Gravy For The Brain, a voiceover training and resource company. If you want to book a voice actor to make voice recordings for use in one of your products, but haven`t already, you may find the voiceover license aspect of the contract strange. The license governs the rights of use around your voice recording, including the medium by which your voice is heard and the duration of use of the voice recording. For example, voice recordings broadcast as part of a local radio or television spot for a standard 13 weeks require a different license than a voice recording used in an Internet advertisement that has a global reach and may have a much longer duration.

If a customer has the right to use permanently, he can use the voiceover wherever and whenever he wants. Not only for the Facebook ad for which they originally bought it, but also for a future radio ad and if it succeeds, they can decide to extend the use to a national TV spot! This seems to be the simplest option for the client (and to be fair, they actually want to go back to the agent or voice actor every 6 months?) and yet. If you use the finished voiceover internally in your company as a training video or for non-profit educational purposes, the user fees are low. In fact, you usually don`t need to acquire any additional rights for this type of use. If the actor you hire is not a member of SAG-AFTRA, the letter of intent does not apply. .